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Philips 46PFL9706: review

Comment 46PFL9706:
PFL9706 Philips model is a TV with LED technology. This model is the best TV brand  and possibly the best LED TV market. Uses 3D Max, a combination of faster display and active shutter glasses provide realism with full HD resolution, you can even control the 3D depth as you like. It received the award for best TV Philips 46PFL9706 3D market, while offering the Philips 46PFL9706 unique 3D stands out for its image quality. Can produce deeper black tones at the same time as increasing the production of bright elements without generating "halos" around them. The technical features are the best on the market today (nov2011) features a dynamic contrast is 150.000.000:1. It is capable of playing all types of files, it has all the connectors, ... 

Technical Data / Specifications:
Inches: 46 "
Technology: LEDpro
Resolution: FullHD (1920x1080)
CMR: 1200Hz?
Dynamic Contrast: 150.000.000:1
Brightness: 500 cd / m²
3D: 3D Max
Other specifications:
  • 4xHDMI.
  • 2xUSB 2.0.
  • LAN: Wi-Fi
  • 40W sonud.
The Philips 46PFL9706 multitus includes functions to create the best picture of the market and Perfect Pixel HD Engine, Motheye Contrast Filter, Perfect Natural Motion, ISF calibration image, Active Control + Light sensor, LED Pro, Display Wide Color Gamut, Super Resolution, local dimming LED backlight, Perfect Colors, Perfect Contrast, Backlight Scanning, ... It also has WiFi connection MediaConnect *

It has a slim design with a powerful sound. The TV stand contains an advanced ultra-thin speaker system. Combines deep bass and clear treble with excellent clarity. In addition, you can enjoy an amazing sound experience when in wall mount position, thanks to advanced processing improvements. The thickness of the Philips 46PFL9706 LED TV is aproximadamanete 4cm. We can see some of the connectors can be accessed from the side if you want to hang tn LED TV on the wall.

Conclusion (Verdict):
The 46PFL9706 can produce better quality images with the market, from guiacompratv believe is the best TV of 2011 regardless of the price. We compared the higher ranges of Samsung and Sony do not exceed € 1600 for 46-inch, 500 € less than the Philps. This LED TV also offers an incredible 3D, the best of times and international awards. The backlight issues and dark images are solved with new technology. For the best reviews-tvled the world but you have very high budget.
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