Thursday, December 13, 2018

Difference Samsung NU7100 NU7470 NU7400 NU7300

The TVs of the Samsung 7000 series are NU7100 NU7470 NU7400 NU7300. All are 4K and compatible with HDR, the panel is VA 50Hz, same Smart and HDMI and USB ports, offer good contrast and limited viewing angle. They belong to medium-high range for 2018-2019 and are recommended for users who do not have budget problems but do not be very freaks of the image quality.

One of the differences that can be seen at first glance is the design, we highlight that the Samsung NU7300 model is curved, the NU7100 model has a Simple Luminus stand while the NU7400 and NU7470 models have a V-Type Center Low stand and the difference is the color.

The PQI frequency varies although we do not believe it is a remarkable difference. The color technology of models 71 and 73 is PurColor as in the 6000 series while the models 74 is DymanicCrystalColor which is somewhat superior. In terms of Dimming technology, the NU7470 is superior with the Supreme UHD Dimming. None includes UltraBlack reserved for high-end models. As extras the remote control of the NU74 TVs is the TM1890A

In conclusion we can say that two groups are separated the NU7300 and NU7100 are practically the same with the difference of the curved / flat panel and are similar to the models of the range 6000. The group NU7400 and NU7470 are better in color technology and some extra as the remote control.

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