Thursday, May 22, 2014

Difference Sony W8: The best image quality 2015 (805B W815 W828 W829 W855)

Sony has made ​​very good screens this year 2015 (2014 models), especially with the W8 series where what stands out is the picture quality, achieving excellent contrast without losing brightness and natural picture. The displays of the W8 series are the best of 2014 and incorporate 3D technology and SmartTV. There are different models of this series, with differences according to the screen size, which can be tricky to find our model. Then we try to clarify the differences between the Sony W805, W828, W829, W855. You can also visit our comments about each model.
In general, all series share the advantages and disadvantages, such as: 

  • 2D picture quality: Hz, high contrast ... 
  • Input lag for gamers 
  • Compatibility 
  • Price 
  • Angle 30-40° 
  • Poor definition 3D 
  • Extras not included
Our opinions about these 2014 LED TV for sale during the first half 2015: 
The main differences are both depending on model and screen size as the 42-inch screens offer different specifications.

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The difference between the Sony W828 and W829 does not exist, is the same TV as the Sony W828 is the general model, the W829 will only be available in select stores, exclusive model (imported). 

The difference between the 42-inch models W828/W829 W805 W815 focuses on Hz and 3D technology used. The 42-inch models feature passive 3D, and less Hz. 
The difference between the models is also focused on the Hz
  • Audio 55-inch models: 10W +10 W
  • Sony W805B: Motionflow 400Hz (200Hz and passive 3D 42 inch) 
  • Sony W815: Motionflow 600Hz (300Hz and passive 3D 42 inch) 
  • Sony W828/W829: Motionflow 800Hz (400Hz and passive 3D 42 inch) 
  • Sony W855: Motionflow 400Hz
The W855 model also differs from the rest of the W8 series, actually it comes as a new W85 series, the main difference is the size of the screen, which is available in 60in, we hope will come in 70in too. Other difference is the wedge-shaped design. As regards the input-lag, important for PS4 gamers, all have good values ​​below 25ms.

In terms of design the support "Fine" is for W828/W829, while W805B and W815 has "Mirror" support, and the W850 model has "Wedge" design. The W805 and W815 are in black and silver. 

If we want to save some money we can choose the W7 series (our review of Sony KDL-W705B) which lose the 3D but the picture quality remains very good.


  1. how come there is no review on the 55w815? is that a just as good tv as the rest? would u recommend it over samsung 7505 or sony 8505? ty

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