Tuesday, January 15, 2019

All Samsung TV models 2019 line-up

All Samsung 2019 LED TV models in this list. You can view all those TVs that are for sale in UK stores during 2019 and the first half of 2020. In each model you will find a link to our complete review about that TV.

During the first half of 2019, we agreed to buy 2018 televisions, since the new ones are not for sale until March-April and come out at a price too inflated. When is the best time to buy a LED TV?

What does the name of Samsung 2019 TVs mean?

QLED TV Quantum Dot

QLED Q60R: Our Review
  • Samsung QE43Q60R
  • Samsung QE49Q60R
  • Samsung QE55Q60R
  • Samsung QE65Q60R
  • Samsung QE75Q60R
  • Samsung QE82Q60R
QLED Q67R: Our Review
  • Samsung QE55Q67R
  • Samsung QE65Q67R
QLED Q70R: Our Review
FullArray 48zones
  • Samsung QE49Q70R
  • Samsung QE55Q70R
  • Samsung QE65Q70R
  • Samsung QE75Q70R
  • Samsung QE82Q70R
QLED Q80R: Our Review
FullArray 96zones
  • Samsung QE55Q80R
  • Samsung QE65Q80R
    QLED Q85R: Our Review
    FullArray 96zones
    • Samsung QE55Q85R
    • Samsung QE65Q85R
    • Samsung QE75Q85R
    QLED Q90R: Our Review
    FullArray 480zones
    • Samsung QE65Q90R
    • Samsung QE75Q90R
    • Samsung QE82Q90R
    • Samsung QE85Q90R

    4K UltraHD Premium

    RU7470: Our Review
    Dynamic Crystal Color
    • Samsung 43RU7470
    • Samsung 50RU7470
    • Samsung 55RU7470
    • Samsung 65RU7470
    RU7400: Our Review
    Dynamic Crystal Color
    • Samsung 43RU7400
    • Samsung 50RU7400
    • Samsung 55RU7400
    • Samsung 65RU7400
    RU7100: Our Review
    Pur Color
    • Samsung 43RU7100
    • Samsung 50RU7100
    • Samsung 55RU7100
    • Samsung 65RU7100
    • Samsung 75RU7100


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