Tuesday, January 15, 2019

All Sony TV 2019 Lineup

All Sony 2019 LED and OLED TVs sold in UK. You can visit our links to the full opinion of each model.
These Sony 2019 models arrive in stores on March so we recommend you visit the TV SONY 2018 during the first half 2019

What does the name of Sony 2019 TVs mean?

4K UltraHD

XG95: Full opinion
  • Sony 55XG9505
  • Sony 65XG9505
  • Sony 75XG9505
  • Sony 85XG9505
XG90: Full opinion
  • Sony 49XG9005
XG85: Full opinion
XG8577 / XG8588 / XG8596 / XG8599
  • Sony 55XG8505
  • Sony 65XG8505
  • Sony 75XG8505
  • Sony 85XG8505
XG83: Full opinion
  • Sony 43XG8396
  • Sony 49XG8396
XG80: Full opinion
  • Sony 43XG8096
  • Sony 49XG8096
  • Sony 55XG8096
  • Sony 65XG8096
  • Sony 75XG8096
XG75: Full opinion
  • Sony 43XG7596
  • Sony 49XG7596
  • Sony 55XG7596
  • Sony 65XG7596
XG70: Full review: No AndroidTV
  • Sony 43XG7005
  • Sony 49XG7005
  • Sony 55XG7005
  • Sony 65XG7005


WG66: Full opinion
WG660 / WG665
  • Sony 43WG660
  • Sony 50WG660


ZG9 Full review
  • Sony 85ZG9
  • Sony 98ZG9


AG9 Full review
  • Sony 55AG9
  • Sony 65AG9
  • Sony 77AG9
AG8 Full review
  • Sony 55AG8
  • Sony 65AG8
We recommend you visit the list with the Sony TV 2018 which can be purchased during the first half of 2019.

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