Tuesday, January 20, 2015

All Samsung 2015/2016 TV models (line-up UK)

All models Samsung TV 2015. In this post we present the list with all models of Samsung TV for sale on 2015. In the links of each model you can read our full review and our advice on whether you should buy this TV.

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Keep in mind that TVs this list are not offered for sale until Spring 2015, and when they are a novelty they are more expensive, so if you want to buy a flat in the first half of 2015 we will recommend looking models Samsung 2014, they have a good price.

Novelty Samsung TV in 2015?
Samsung is one of the best current TV brand offers full TVs, with all the news and good quality at a reasonable price.
So far the best Samsung Smart System with LG this year modernizing its system Tizio TV. Samsung launches many models 4K, curved screens and continues with flat screen FullHD classics too. This 2015 no OLED or Plasma Samsung models.
Serie SUHD 4K:
Resolution 4K, curved, ...
Samsung JS9500: Our review Samsung JS9500
  • Samsung 65JS9500
  • Samsung 78JS9500
  • Samsung 88JS9500
Samsung JS9000: Our review Samsung JS9000
  • Samsung 48JS9000
  • Samsung 55JS9000
  • Samsung 65JS9000
Samsung JS8500: Our review Samsung JS8500
  • Samsung 48JS8500
  • Samsung 55JS8500
  • Samsung 65JS8500
JU7500: Our review Samsung JU7500
  • Samsung UE40JU7500
  • Samsung UE48JU7500
  • Samsung UE55JU7500
  • Samsung UE60JU7500
  • Samsung UE65JU7500
  • Samsung UE75JU7500
JU7000: Our review Samsung JU7000
  • Samsung UE40JU7000
  • Samsung UE48JU7000
  • Samsung UE55JU7000
  • Samsung UE60JU7000
  • Samsung UE65JU7000
  • Samsung UE75JU7000
JU6800: Our review Samsung JU6800
  • Samsung UE50JU6800
  • Samsung UE60JU6800
JU6740: Our review Samsung JU6740
  • Samsung UE40JU6740
  • Samsung UE48JU6740
  • Samsung UE50JU6740
  • Samsung UE55JU6740
JU6670: Our review Samsung JU6670
  • Samsung UE40JU6670
  • Samsung UE48JU6670
  • Samsung UE50JU6670
  • Samsung UE55JU6670
JU6510 Our review Samsung JU6510
  • Samsung UE40JU6510
  • Samsung UE48JU6510
  • Samsung UE50JU6510
  • Samsung UE55JU6510
JU6500 Our review Samsung JU6500
  • Samsung UE40JU6500
  • Samsung UE48JU6500
  • Samsung UE50JU6500
  • Samsung UE55JU6500
  • Samsung UE40JU6445
  • Samsung UE48JU6445
  • Samsung UE55JU6445
  • Samsung UE40JU6440
  • Samsung UE48JU6440
  • Samsung UE55JU6440
JU6410: Our review Samsung JU6410
  • Samsung UE40JU6410
  • Samsung UE48JU6410
  • Samsung UE50JU6410
  • Samsung UE55JU6410
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JU6400 Our review Samsung JU6400
  • Samsung UE40JU6400
  • Samsung UE48JU6400
  • Samsung UE50JU6400
  • Samsung UE55JU6400
  • Samsung UE65JU6400
JU6000: Our review Samsung JU6000
  • Samsung UE40JU6000
  • Samsung UE48JU6000
  • Samsung UE50JU6000
  • Samsung UE55JU6000
J6300: Our review Samsung J6300
  • Samsung UE32J6300
  • Samsung UE40J6300
  • Samsung UE48J6300
  • Samsung UE55J6300
J6200 Our review Samsung J6200

  • Samsung UE32J6200
  • Samsung UE40J6200
  • Samsung UE48J6200
  • Samsung UE50J6200
  • Samsung UE55J6200
  • Samsung UE60J6200
J5600: Our review Samsung J5600
  • Samsung UE32J5600
  • Samsung UE40J5600
  • Samsung UE48J5600 
  • Samsung UE55J5600
J5510: Our Review Samsung J5510
  • Samsung UE40J5510
  • Samsung UE48J5510 
    J5500: Our review Samsung J5500
    • Samsung UE32J5500
    • Samsung UE43J5500
    • Samsung UE48J5500 
    • Samsung UE50J5500
    • Samsung UE55J5500
    J5200: Our review Samsung J5200
    • Samsung UE32J5200
    J5100: Our review Samsung J5100
    • Samsung UE32J5500
    • Samsung UE40J5500
    • Samsung UE48J5500 
    • Samsung UE50J5500
    • Samsung UE55J5500
    HD Ready:???
    • UE23J4000
    • UE28J4000
    Do not forget to check our list of models Samsung 2014 LED TV sales during 2015.

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