Friday, February 3, 2012

We recommend: What TV LED buy during 2012?


Each year the new TVs announced at the fair in Las Vegas CES. In this show are announced annually technological products that will be sold large technology brands worldwide.

Are you looking to buy a LED TV?
List of all TVs with LED technology in 2012

First of all, should be clear that the new TVs will not be available until March / April 2012 and not all models. Principal brands present its LED TV in January but released for sale in two times: March-April and September.

The TVs go on sale at a price above its real value and do not reach this value "real" until a few months so that is already about to leave the next. The conclusion is that it is not expected solution as always happens the same.

All models presented in 2012 by brand: 

Reviews-tvled recommend purchasing the TV in mid-February (much lower prices after the holidays) or when there is an offer in the store that sells it, as discount coupons or rebates on electronics.

You can find this TV in the list of Online Stores

If you want to buy a LED TV during the beginning of 2012

From guiacompratv we make the following recommendations (always of the first brands)

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