Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Differences Samsung ES8000 vs. Sony HX853

Here are some differences between the models of Samsung ES8000 LED TV and Sony HX850 for those who are hesitating to buy LED TV for this 2012. Both models are the best LED TV Sony and Samsung.
Features: Samsung has better features, it has the best SmartTV. It includes other features like motion or voice control, ...

Image Control: Samsung TV is better in this aspect but Sony TVs has best settings standard, requiring minor adjustments

Design: Both models are amazing. The depth measures (without stand) of the Samsung is 3.1 cm and the Sony measures 4cm.

Image Quality: In black levels Sony wins but Samsung are better in vivid colors. We think that Sony offers perhaps a more natural image.

3D: The ES8000 and the HX850 include 3D active technology, but Samsung wins this game with the best 3D active 2012, though it isn't amazing.

Price: The Samsung ES8000 LED TV is more expensive than the Sony HX850.

In conclusion both are very good televisions, probably the best. To choose the best LED TV 2012 will have to know the use that we will give regularly. The best tip is to visit a store to see them in live, not forgetting: consider the TV settings and the brightness of the store.

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