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List of LG LED TV Line-up 2013

We present the list with all models of LG LED TV Line-up 2013. The LG LED TV models for 2013 are in his name incorporating the letters "LA" for the higher series and "LN" for low-middle series. LG 2012 models incorporate the letters "LM" or "LS" while the 2011 models included the letters "LW" and "LV".
During the year 2013 are on sale for the 2012 models that spring from new models will join the LG LED TV 2013.
Check out our list of all models of LG 2012 that are for sale in 2013.

LN540V: LG LN540V review
  • 32LN540V
  • 39LN540V 
  • 42LN540V
  • 47LN540V
  • 50LN540V
LN5700: LG LN570V review
  • 32LN570U
  • 42LN570V
  • 47LN570V
LN5750: LG LN575V review
LG LN578V (same model with magic reomte)
  • LG 32LN575V
  • LG 39LN575V
  • LG 42LN575V
  • LG 47LN575V
  • LG 50LN575V
  • LG 55LN575V
  • LG 60LN575V
LN6130: LG LA6130 Review
  • LG 32LN613V
  • LG 42LN613V
  • LG 47LN613V
LA6130: LG LA6130 Review
  • LG 32LA6130
  • LG 42LA6130
  • LG 47LA6130
LA6200: LG LA620V Review
  • LG 32LA620V
  • LG 39LA620V
  • LG 42LA620V
  • LG 47LA620V
  • LG 50LA620V
  • LG 55LA620V
  • LG 60LA620V
LG LA641V (same model with different colour)
  • LG 42LA640V
  • LG 47LA640V
  • LG 55LA640V
LA6600: LG LA660V Review
  • LG 42LA660V
  • LG 47LA660V
  • LG 50LA660V
  • LG 55LA660V
LA6900: LG LA690V Review
  • 42LA690V
  • 47LA690V
  • 50LA690V
  • 55LA690V
LA7400: LG LA740V Review
  • LG L42LA740V
  • LG L47LA740V
  • LG L55LA740V
  • LG L60LA740V
LA7900: LG LA790W  Review
  • LG 42LA790W
  • LG 47LA790W
  • LG 55LA790W
LA8600: LG LA860W Review
  • LG L42LA860W
  • LG L47LA860W
  • LG L55LA860W
  • LG L60LA860W
  • LG L70LA860W

LM9600: LG LM960V Review (2012 model)
Nano Full LED Cinema 3D, MCI 1000Hz, Local Dimming, Triple XD Engine, Dynamic Colour Enhancer, Wi-Fi, Smart TV, Network File Browser, 2D/3D converter,  "Magic Control", Dual Play, SubWoofer 10W, 3xUSB, 4xHDMI, ...
  • LG 47LM960V
  • LG 55LM960V
  • LG 84LM960V
Besides these LG models it sells in 2013 or OLED TVs over 80 inches available to very few because of its high cost
LG also offers other models of ultra-high definition with a resolution four times that of Full HD. Also mentioned a new 55-inch OLED TV and more surprises for 2013, ... as the LG 55EA9800.

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