Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Difference Between Samsung F8000 vs ES8000

The Samsung F8000 is a 2013 model, while the ES8000 is a 2012 model. The Samsung ES8000 is considered the best LED TV model 2012 and is expected to evolution, the F8000, will be one of the best LED TV of 2013.
The improvements implemented by Samsung in its 8000, is especially to respond to the most criticized aspects of its predecessor: Voice Control, processor speed, video streaming navigation (HDVC codec support), ...

One of the most significant improvements is the processor. The Samsung F8000 has a new Quad-Core processor, which according to Samsung ES8000 triples speed, useful for Smart TV speed and for image enhancement CMR.

In the image quality has been seen an improvement with the new technology "Precision Black", similar to MicroDimming, offering greater contrasts. The CMR has also increased from 800Hz  to 1000Hz, we do not notice it too much this difference in CMR.

The design remains very similar, Samsung has designed a new stand with a curved bar. The bezel is almost invisible with only about 6 millimeters. In our view the F8000 doesn't improve the ES8000 design. The screen size of F8000 series includes new models 65 and 75 inches in addition to the 46, 55, 60 inches.

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