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Which model is better? ES7000 PFL7007 DT50 LM760T

Which model is better?  to choose a LED TV in 2013 between the Samsung ES7000,  Panasonic DT50, Philips PFL7007 and LG LM760T / LM760S. All these sets of different brands can be bought mainly for its price. We have not included any Sony model, in this case the HX750, Sony since 2012 models do not convince us.

The models ES7000, DT50, LM760T and PFL7007 have some commonalities and some clear differences. We have made our comments on these models:
Any of these models is a great TV.

The SmartTV is the platform that is used to access the Internet using applications besides high end TVs allow you to use web browser. The web browser must include flash to see streaming videos.
  • Samsung has the best SmartTV with many applications and incorporates web browser with flash.
  • LG has a very close SmartTV Samsung also includes the "magic wand" to navigate through menus. It also incorporates flash browser.
  • Panasonic does not have a good SmartTV, has come rather late to these opportunities and has few Apps compared to Samsung or LG. Web browser has Flash.
  • Philips has a poor SmartTV and even incorporates this browser does not support flash.
Anyway remember to navigate the TV is not the same as with a PC.

2D Image
There is quite a difference in the 2D image. Samsung and Panasonic have lots of contrast, Samsung offers the blackest blacks, ideal for viewing images in semi-darkness, not so important if we are to watch TV in a brightly lit room. The LG offers higher maximum brightness so it is ideal for bright environments. LG IPS panels offer increased viewing angle, if we are to see the TV from the side this is fundamental.

Samsung and Panasonic 3D have the best active 3D, with more definition than passive systems but the picture looks a little darker and the glasses are expensive to buy and somewhat annoying when you use a lot. Passive 3D is fine, but using it has less definition is less tiring and more comfortable the LG passive 3D is considered the best passive 2012. This year 2013 many brands, Panasonic, have moved to a passive technology. Anyway the 3D content is lacking and it is common not to use it rarely, for us not to be an important factor to taking a final decision.

One of the most important of the "gamers" is the response time of the TV, Input-Lag. This parameter is not specified by the manufacturer and must be measured. We compiled these values ​​different reference sites:
  • Panasonic DT50 25-30ms - AVForums
  • Samsung ES7000 31ms -
  • LG LM760T - 35-40ms - AVForums
  • Philips PFL7007: no values ​​but is quite high.
In addition the technology incorporates LG Dual Play two players to play full screen.

Philips and Panasonic worse than Samsung and LG.

The models have different designs, more sober or more modern. Philips presents new feature at this point, the Ambilight launches TV light behind the colors that appear on the screen, really spectacular. Panasonic has the best finishes in metal and glass.

Other aspects:
  • Samsung incorporates voice control and camera movement, dual core, evolution kit, ...
  • LG has his "Magic Control", dual play, ...
  • Philips noted for its Ambilight , dual core, 5 HDMI inputs, good sound, ...
  • Panasonic offers quality finishes and very good image.
Finally remember that all these models are large TVs and they all look great. If you have any questions or would like our advice please leave a comment.

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