Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Difference between ES7000 vs LA740V 2013

The Samsung F7000 and LG LA740V are LED TV 2013 models. These televisions include the latest novelty in SmartTV. Both models are the "second step" of the respective brands for the year 2013. The main difference between these models is the same that between LG and Samsung in almost all ranges.

The LA740V LG is a LED TV with passive 3D, while Samsung's is active 3D. You can see the difference between Active vs Passive 3D.

The LG TV has IPS* panel  that offers a wider angle of vision, a very good maximum brightness and passive 3D, which makes it an ideal for watching TV in environments with enough light and ideal for large families too, with 3D glasses cheap and good lateral vision. We added that in case of using the TV to play online games,  LG introduces a high input lag, which makes them unsuitable. The LG LED TV has 200Hz and 800Hz MCI.

The Samsung F7000 has a higher contrast, which gets better blacks, ideal for viewing the TV in low light environment. The active 3D provides better definition than the pasive 3D but also has its cons. As LA740V model, it has 200Hz and 800Hz CMR.

About  the SmartTV we can say that LG and Samsung are the two best in terms of this technology as well as compatibility. Both models has web browser.

The extras make a difference, while LG includes the "Dual Play" which allows two players to play full screen, incorporates the "Magic Control", Wi-Fi, ... Samsung includes the evolution kit to upgrade the TV hardware in the near future, Smart Touch Control, integrated camera, and dual tuner so you can record while watching another program.

Both models are similarly priced. Both are good LED TV 2013 with good image and many extras, ...

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* The LG IPS panels are mounted at 32, 42, 47 and 55 inches (need to check the other screen sizes)

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