Friday, May 10, 2013

Differences between LG LN575V vs LS575T

The LG LN575V is a 2013 model while the LS575T is a 2012 model. These models are the best models of LG without 3D. Both TVs are SmartTV, one of the best today and the panel is IPS (These models don't mount IPS panel in all sizes. We council that confirm this spec with your seller), that offers a wide viewing angle and good brightness level. Compatibility is good and the browser supports flash.

Highlight differences:
The LG LS575T is higher in MCI with 200Hz while the new model has 100Hz. This feature allows you to see better fast images such as sports or action movies. The LG LS575T, in this case, is somewhat higher, also it includes an extra HDMI input.

The LG LN575S improve the equipment with Dual-Core processor allowing better flow when using the LG SmartTV 2013.

The 2013 model design has also been improved.

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