Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Differences between the LG LN540V and the LG LN575V

The differences between the LG LN540V and the LG LN575V/LN570V is that the LN540V model hasn't SmartTV. The LG LN540V is one of the simplest LED TV 2013, only has two HDMI inputs and a USB port. As for picture quality is the best in its class, thanks to its IPS panel (not for all screen sizes). On the other hand the LG LN575V is considered one of the best LED TV 2013 without 3D. Our recommendation is to buy the LG LN575V.

The differences, apart from the SmartTV, are many: The LG LN540V doesn't include the XD-Engine MultiCore 6x or image optimizers. The LN575V includes USB recorder, ...

As for the connections the lower model includes only a USB port and two HDMI inputs, however the LG LN575V includes 3x HDMI and 3xUSB.

In conclusion we recommend the LG LN575V but if the buyer just wants a TV, no extras, on LG LN540V can be an option to save money.

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