Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Differences between Samsung F5500 vs LG LN575V

Many buyers hesitate between the LG LN575V and the Samsung F5500, they are two of the most publicized models and are the best in LED TV without 3D.

The differences between these models of LED TV 2013 are many, but the Samsung F5500 and LG LN575V could be considered equivalent in terms of price and performance. Both models are some of the best LED TV without 3D of each brand.

LG stands for making good LED TV medium-low, while LED TV Samsung makes good  TVs in all categories. The price is somewhat higher in the Samsung.

The first difference to note is the panel type. The LG LN575V is IPS and offers wider viewing angle, better if you have to watch TV from the sides. This panel also offers good maximum brightness levels, necessary if there is much light in the room where you put the TV.
On the other hand the Samsung F5500 has a panel that provides deeper blacks, better if you use the TV in low light or dark.

Both models include a good SmartTV system with good compatibility, open browser and Wi-Fi Built.  These models have 100Hz. Anyway the LG LN575V is a bit more fluid for watching sports and Samsung something better for gaming.

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