Thursday, May 30, 2019

Difference Samsung RU7100 RU7400 RU7470 RU7410

We explain the difference between the different models of cheap Samsung 4K 2019, the RU7 series is the cheapest recommended to buy in 2019.

The TVs of the RU7 series are: RU7100, RU7400, RU7470 and RU7410, waiting for the appearance of more models that we will be adding in this post.

All these models share the majority of specifications: 4K, HDR, flat, VA panel, good Smart, ...

The most recommended model is the Samsung RU7400 with 1900Hz PQI, Dynamic Crystal Color, central base and Remote Control TM1950A: price + £100

The Samsung RU7470 is the same as the RU7400 but in light gray color, the price is somewhat higher but it depends on the stores and the offers of the moment, it is convenient to buy that you find cheaper of the two.

The Samsung RU7410 is white and only available in 43 or 50 inches

The Samsung RU7100 is the cheapest, it is somewhat inferior since it does not use Dynamic Crystal Color that allows better details by offering more colors, but uses PurColor and has a PQI of 1400Hz. The design is also different: two legs instead of a central base, does not include the TM1950A remote control.


For us to buy the model RU7100 is an error since the difference of price is little 50-80£, especially if we have in ditch that does not incorporate the TM1950A control, also depending on the offer of the moment you can find them at the same price. The difference with the other models of the 7000 series is only aesthetic, there only enters our personal taste or as it is in the design of our living room.

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