Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Comparison Sony R4 series 2014: R413B R433B R453B R483B ...

The R4 Sony TV 2014 series are the lower range, do not have 3D or Smart TV. The 32-inch models are HD Ready and 40 models are Full HD, other differences are the output of Audio, tuners or Internet connection.

Difference between Sony R410B, R413B, R430B, R433B, R450B, R453B, R480B, R483B, ... 
32 Inch models: 
The 32-inch models are R410, R430, R413 and R433. They are models with HD Ready resolution and 5 + 5W Audio Output.

The DVB-T2 tuner all Sony models ending in "3" have the new tuner: R413B, R433B, R453B and R483B.

Duplicate Display / Ethernet:
The R433B and R483B models have ethernet input and Wi-Fi that allows duplicate screen, but do not have any Smart TV platform.


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