Saturday, September 13, 2014

Recommendation best non-Smart, non-3D TV 2014

What is the best non-Smart LED TV 2014? What TV without 3D and without Smart TV is better? What is our recommendation for a simple and cheap TV?

Some buyers just want a TV to watch TV, that is, a simple TV to watch TV and some movies. We recommend buying Smart TV because few models currently no internet connection. If you really want a TV without extras these are our recommendations:

Samsumg H5000: 
It's probably the best HDTV without Smart (no internet connection) 2014. The picture quality is correct, although it may suffer a little ghosting effect if we see sports or action movies. The price is low and Samsung is a guarantee mark.

LG LB5610: 
It is the most economical model LG FullHD 2014 This TV is available in many screen sizes from 32 to 60 inches, so that it becomes the best choice if you want a simple but a very large screen TV.

Philips PFH4319: 
Like the other models is FullHD, and you can find it in screen sizes 32-50 inches. It is a quality TV, and the 2D image is good for the price it has.

Sony R413B: 
It is very similar to the Samsung H5000, although the price is usually a bit higher. Like the other 3 models have 100Hz (50Hz in the panel).

Our full review of these TV:

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