Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Samsung J6200 LG LF652V comparative

These models of LG and Samsung, are its best HD resolution TVs this year. Both TVs are flat-screen SmartTV. There are important differences between these two models, both image quality and extras.

The LF652V LG Smart TV is a passive 3D technology. It is FullHD resolution and IPS panel. The Samsung Smart J6200 is no 3D. The resolution is full HD and it is VA panel. The difference in panel is important.

Difference Samsung J6200 and LG LF652V

Picture quality:

The IPS panel LF652V offers more natural colors than VA panels, the viewing angle is significantly higher, so the picture remains well if we watch the TV from the lateral. The main disadvantage of this panel is the contrast, you notice especially if we see the TV with the lights off.
The VA panel J6200 is more suitable for watching movies with the lights off, the panel contrast is better, but much lower picture quality if seen from the lateral.

Another difference resides in the Hz, the LG superior in this respect, although it is hard to realize. LG has 900Hz PMI and Samsung 600Hz PQI.


The Smart platforms of these two models are among the best, both webOS 2.0 as Tizen are good systems, although LG is a step above for the moment.
The LG LF652V features 3D technology, it looks pretty good, the Samsung does not include this technology.
Connectivity and compatibility of both TVs is good.


Recommended There are two televisions, are better models without entering the new models 4K. The Samsung is recommended for watching movies in the dark, and most see it from the front while the LG is perhaps most suitable for well-lit rooms, with the possibility of watching it from the side and the best Smart system, in addition to the passive 3D. The main difference is typical of IPS vs VA panels addition to some extras.
We recommend you check the Sony W805C before deciding on any of these two models.

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