Friday, April 29, 2016

LG LH604V: Full HD cheap with webOS 3.0

    The LG LH604V is a mid-range TV FullHD resolution 2016. This is the most economical model which includes the Smart webOS 3.0, considered one of the year's best platform. The panel is IPS so it is not the best TV if you are a lover of watching movies in the dark, although this kind of panels offer us a wider viewing angle, very suitable for families or if you needed to watch TV from the side. The price is reasonable and it has the necessary connections (but does not include the new USB3.0 port). Including tuners prepare you for the future.

    Tech Specs:

    Screen Size: 32*, 43*, 49* and 55 inches.
    Technology: IPS Edge LED (Direct*)
    Resolution: FullHD 1920x1080
    HDR: -
    3D: -
    PMI: 900Hz
    Smart TV: webOS 3.0
    • 3x HDMI (HDCP 2.2)
    • 2x USB 
    • Audio 20W
    View all specifications (LG website)

    Design LG LH604V:

    LG LH604V (

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    Our opinion LG LH604V(veredict):

    Our opinion on the LG LH604V is pretty good. It is a relatively inexpensive TV and good specifications. One of the highlights is its Smart webOS 3.0 platform. It also offers a good image quality FullHD. although they are currently for sale 4K TVs, there is no content available for the general public and do not expect the TDT is 4K so if you are looking for a TV for a "normal" use perhaps better is a FullHD. We recommend buying the LG LH604V if not usually watch TV in the dark and if you requires a TV for the whole family.

    Model Name: What's the meaning of the name of LG 2016 TV?
    • LG 32LH604V* Direct¿?
    • LG 43LH604V* Direct¿?
    • LG 49LH604V* Direct¿?
    • LG 55LH604V
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