Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Panasonic DX600B cheap TV with 4K resolution 2016

The Panasonic DX600B is a 4K TV 2016 .. This TV is the cheapest model Panasonic UltraHD 2016, successor to the CX680 which gave very good results price-quality image. The DX600 Panasonic Smart FireFox has quite complete, although worse than direct competition. This TV does not have 3D, like all brands only the top models include this technology in 2016. The Panasonic DX600B comes in panels 40, 49 and 55 inches. The model 55 and 49 inches are IPS as the model 40 "is VA The picture quality depends on the type of panel offering higher contrast panel VA, this model is not compatible with HDR, the panel is 8bit. 50 Hz. the audio is not good and the base can be placed in two different positions.

Technical / Specifications:

Screen Size: 40, 49* and 55* inches. Flat
Technology: VA IPS*  Adaptive Backlight Dimming
Resolution: 4K UHD 3840x2160
HDR: -
3D: -
BMR: 800Hz 
Smart TVFireFox myHomeScreen 2.0 
  • 3x HDMI (2x 4K)
  • 2x USB (1x 3.0)
  • USB-HDD Recording
  • Audio 20W
View all specifications (Panasonic website)

Design Panasonic DX600B:

Panasonic DX600B (panasonic.com/uk)

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Our opinion Panasonic DX600 (veredict):

Our opinion about the Panasonic DX600B is good, it's a TV with the best resolution but low price. Like the previous year, Panasonic launched a very economic model and well equipped. The Smart is correct, does not include 3D, it is not HDR and audio is weak, but these features should not be as important to choose a TV. The Panasonic DX600 is a good TV image quality, we refer to the model with VA panel, not the model 49 or 55 inches do not expect to have as good picture quality. Our advice is to buy the Panasonic DX600 if you want to spend little and have a good picture quality at 40 inches. We recommend also find the DX650 model that has a very similar price and slightly greater

Model Name: What's the meaning of the name of Panasonic 2016 TV?
  • Panasonic 40DX600B VA
  • Panasonic 49DX600B IPS
  • Panasonic 55DX600B IPS

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