Monday, May 9, 2016

Sony WD653 TV LED FullHD Midrange

The Sony WD653 is a model for 2016, this is a FullHD TV midrange Sony. The image quality is not bad thanks to technologies such as Motion Flow 200Hz, although the panel is 50Hz, the Motionflow allows us to see action movies or sports more fluidly. The panel is??? The Smart is limited, does not include the Android TV, so it is mainly to share files from our devices or clone mobile screen, even if applications are not useful. The ports are fine, but does not include the new USB 3.0 does allow USB to record TV programs. The sound is pretty poor.

Technical / Specifications:

Screen Size: 40 and 48 inches.
Technology: VA Direct LED
Resolution: FullHD 1920x1080
3D: -
Motion Flow: 200Hz
Smart TV: No Android TV
  • 2x HDMI
  • 2x USB
  • Audio 5+5W
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Design Sony WD653:

Sony WD653 (

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Our opinion Sony WD653 (veredict):

Our opinion about the Sony WD653 is not entirely good. This TV is a medium-low range so we can't ask for better specifications but compared to other models in the same price range of other brands we believe that this model loses out. Models of medium-low range of LG and Samsung includes their best Smart Platform and they have good connections. If you want to spend little and looking for a SmartTV with FullHD resolution we advise find another models from other brands.

Model Name: What's the meaning of the name of Sony 2016 TV?
  • Sony KDL-48WD653
  • Sony KDL-40WD653

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