Thursday, December 1, 2016

What is the best Smart tv platform 2016-2017?

In this post we present our comparison between different platforms SmartTV available in different brands.
The Smart is the platform that enables Internet access via TV, also includes applications (Smartphone style) and other functions as recommended programming, voice control, ...
In 2016 we recommend SmartTV brands Panasonic, Samsung, Sony and LG.

I do not want SmartTV on my TV!
There are many users who want a TV just to watch the TV. That is not a problem, you can buy a SmartTV and never use it. The truth is that there are some models that do not include these platforms, but only the lower-end models. If you want a secure and includes Smart TV average. Anyway we present the list of models without SmartTV.

Panasonic MyHomeScreen 2.0: 8.5

It is a system that works well, based on Firefox is the same system used in 2016 Panasonic, reliable, simple and elegant system. This new system does not include more than: access to TV streaming applications (the future of 4K?) More about MyHomeScreen 2.0

LG webOS 3.0: 9

It was the best in 2015 with webOS 2.0 system and this year improved, simplicity and cleanliness of its menu remains the same and adds some new features that we believe is not quite important, but not to shoot down what they have built is enough to follow the first in 2016. More about webOS 3.0

Samsung Tizen: 9

The presentation of Tizen platform is more orderly than in the previous year. The simple was not his forte and Samsung has made an effort on this issue, although it is somewhat more complicated LG webOS but it is becoming easier and more intuitive. In applications available is the number 1. More about Tizen

Sony Android TV: 8

Android TV is integrated into Sony televisions since 2015 with little success because it is not very intuitive and is unstable, also has fewer applications than other platforms, in this 2016 best pretty especially in compatibility and stability, but note that it is not as easy to use as other platforms. We expect a lot of Android TV but it is not best of 2016. More about Android TV

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