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Differences Samsung KU6000 KU6400 KU6500

Samsung models midrange 4K resolution with some of the most recommended of the year for value-price models. Samsung stands out for its good contrast and image quality with vivid colors and a good system Smart. Conversely if you are going to watch TV from the side is better a TV with other panel.

Differences Samsung KU6000 KU6400 KU6500

The three mid-range models of Samsung have a lot in common, all three have UltraHD resolution (4K), good SmartTV (Tizen), VA panel, UHD Dimming .. (Low inputlag???)

The main difference in terms of technical specifications lies between: the KU6000 and the other two.
The Samsung KU6000 has 1300Hz of PQI and PurColor while the top models are
Active Crystal Color and 1500 / 1600Hz.
We do not believe that the difference in Hz is important but it is important in color technology used. The "Active Crystal Color" technology can provide more accurate color detail than the "PurColor" technology

The Samsung KU6500 is the same TV that Samsung KU6400 with the main difference of the screen is curved, along with those type of display technologies such as "Auto Depth Enhancer". The KU6500 is also somewhat higher PQI, but not a significant difference.
As extras in KU6000 incorporates the remote control and TM1240A and other models include TM1640A and tuner Satellite (DVB-S2)


The design is also a significant difference between these sets, while KU6500 is: curve screen. The KU6000 has a V-shaped base and is slightly wider, the KU6400 has a base Calyx Quad.

Price aprox:

  • Samsung 55-inch KU6000 £590
  • Samsung 55-inch KU6400 £700
  • Samsung 55-inch KU6500 £750

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