Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Samsung KU6400 or LG UH668V

These models are among the top sellers for their price-performance ratio. Samsung KU6400 and LG UH668V are good mid-range models and they present many features in common but also some important differences. Both TVs are from 2016, with 4K resolution, all necessary tuners, ...

Both models have variants that can be grouped:

Samsung KU6400 vs LG UH668V

The main difference that we emphasize is the type of panel mounted, while LG offers: an IPS panel with good viewing angle and more natural colors, Samsung mounted panels VA, winning in contrast and usually less inputlag (ideal for gamers). The LG UH668V is compatible with Samsung HDR10 and it is not. The Smart platform is correct in both models. We recommend you to buy the UH668V as family TV, for its wide viewing angle, ease of use, ... and Samsung if you like watching movies in the dark or you are a gamer.


The price of both models is very similar, about £600 in 49 inches and just over £800 in 55 inches. If your budget is less you can find models of the same family as UH620V or KU6000.

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