Wednesday, September 21, 2016

TV Black Friday 2016?


Post updated: TV advice during February 2017

On Friday November 25th is the day of Black Friday. This day all stores, mainly electronics, make great sales on their televisions. In some major electronics stores these deals can last all weekend. This is considered as the world day of offers and is a good time to buy your new TV with a big discount.

Offer models and their price do not usually appear until the same day Friday, we recommend that televisions do have a real discount, and that TVs is a good option to buy during Black Friday.

We recommend you visit our TV Buying Guide if you are not clear what type of TV you need.

These are some of the most recommended TVs 2016 and their price during November, before BlackFriday, which will serve to compare prices. This post will be updated as soon as we know the cheapest price during Friday 25 November.

Cheap TVs recommended for Black Friday:

They are televisions with Smart, resolution FullHD, at low price but recommended for normal users. The approximate price is for screens size of 43 inches

Recommended prices BlackFriday:


Recommended mid-range televisions Black Friday:

In this category we select some of the mid-range models, with 4K resolution, Smart and medium price.
The approximate price is for screens size of 49 inches
Recommended prices BlackFriday:


High-end televisions recommended BlackFriday: (moderate prcie)

These are the most recommended TVs for this BlackFriday, their quality is good in general, they include all the technological innovations and please the most demanding users. A great choice its the offer is good to get a great TV at a moderate price.
The approximate price is for screens size of 55 inches
Recommended prices BlackFriday:


Best TVs recommended during Black Friday:

The best televisions of the year. You can consult our post with the comparison between these models. The approximate price is for screens size of 55 inches
Recommended prices BlackFriday:


These are the main recommended models 2016. You can read our complete opinion of these models in the link.


We recommend you buy TVs during BlackFriday, but beware, some of the more discounted models may not be the best option, as they often lower models that are not sold.

If you want you can follow the evolution of the price of the models yes recommended 2016 in this post and dare to buy in some store or online on stores like Amazon that are going to make great offers.

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