Tuesday, January 17, 2017

All TV Samsung 2017 lineup UK

In this post you can find all Samsung TVs for 2017 with the link to our complete opinion of each model. This post will be updated as new models appear in stores. During the first half of the year it is a good option to look for 2016 models, as the new Samsung 2017 are not for sale until April: When is the best time to buy an LED TV?

What's New in Samsung 2017 TVs?
The main novelty is the high-end QuantumDot televisions called QLED, these offer levels of brightness far superior to the competition. They also have models with curved and flat screens. The Smart Tizen improves with TVPlus, Sports and Music, as well as an application to link the smartphone.
Name of the TV Samsung 2017

QLED TV Quantum Dot

Q9 Review
Flat, QLED
  • Samsung 65Q9F
  • Samsung 75Q9F
  • Samsung 88Q9F
Q8 Review
Curved, QLED
  • Samsung QE55Q8C
  • Samsung QE65Q8C
  • Samsung QE75Q8C
Q7 Review
Curved/Flat, QLED
  • Samsung QE49Q7
  • Samsung QE55Q7
  • Samsung QE65Q7
  • Samsung QE75Q7

4K UltraHD

MU9000: Review
Curved, Dinamyc Color, 10bits, 100Hz
  • Samsung 55MU8000
  • Samsung 65MU8000
MU8000: Review
Flat, Dinamyc Color, 10bits, 100Hz
  • Samsung 49MU8000
  • Samsung 55MU8000
  • Samsung 65MU8000
  • Samsung 75MU8000
MU7000: Review
Flat, Dinamyc Color, 10bits, 100Hz
  • Samsung 49MU7000
  • Samsung 55MU7000
  • Samsung 65MU7000
  • Samsung 75MU7000
MU6500: Review
Curvo, Active Color, 8Bits, 50Hz
  • Samsung 40MU6500
  • Samsung 49MU6500
  • Samsung 55MU6500
  • Samsung 65MU6500
MU6400: Review
Plano, Active Color, 8Bits, 50Hz
  • Samsung 40MU6400
  • Samsung 49MU6400
  • Samsung 55MU6400
  • Samsung 65MU6400
MU6200: Review
Curvo, PurColor, 8Bits, 50Hz
  • Samsung 40MU6200
  • Samsung 49MU6200
  • Samsung 55MU6200
  • Samsung 65MU6200
  • Samsung 75MU6200
MU6100: Review
Plano, Pur Color, 8Bits, 50Hz
  • Samsung 40MU6100
  • Samsung 49MU6100
  • Samsung 55MU6100
  • Samsung 65MU6100
  • Samsung 75MU6100


M5500: Review
  • Samsung 32M5500
  • Samsung 43M5500
  • Samsung 49M5500
  • Samsung 55M5500
Samsung 2016 LED TV on sale during the first half of 2017.

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