Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Meaning TV name Sony 2017

The name of the televisions Sony 2017 is composed by a series of numbers and letters show us its characteristics. In this article we explain the meaning of the name of Sony TVs 2017.

1-The Sony 2017 models start with letters that indicate the resolution they support: Sony KD55XE8505
  • KD: 4K (UltraHD)
  • KDL: FullHD / HDReady
2-The following numbers refer to the screen size in inches: 32, 43, 49, 55, 65, ...
  • Sony KD55XE8505
3-The first letter after the inch panel type: Sony KD55XE8505
  • X: 4K with flat screen
  • S: 4K with curved display
  • W: FullHD with flat screen
  • A: OLED
4- The second letter the year of manufacture: Sony KD55XE8505
  • E: 2017
  • D: 2016
  • C: 2015
5-The number of the series indicates the range, the higher the higher the category of the TV, although not completely reliable as it depends on the specifications of each model. Sony KD55XE8505

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