Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Difference Samsung Q8 vs Q7

The Samsung QLED models include Samsung's new technology for TOP 2017-2018 models. This QLED technology is programmed to compete with other brand OLED televisions.
These televisions are really expensive, with prices starting on the market (March) above  ‎£2000 in 55 inches. The Q7 and Q8 are very similar and both have the curved version: Q7C and Q8C, and the Q7 version flat: Q7F.

Comparison Samsung Q7 vs Q8

As we have said are very similar televisions, almost identical in quality of image and performance. The only aspect that we have been able to find different is that the Q8 includes the Ultimate Contrast, although we do not believe that it is a decisive factor. Other differences we find in terms of technical specifications are the power of Audio Output: 40W in Q7 and 60W in Q8.
The design is similar but have different bases, Stainless Steel Crescent Q8 and V-shaped in the Q7.


Our opinion is that they are two TVs too similar to comment separately. We recommend buying the cheaper of the two and the only factor that would make us choose one or the other is that you look for a flat TV: in this case look for the Q7F or you simply like the design of the base of one or the other .

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