Thursday, March 9, 2017

Difference Sony XE9305 vs XE9005

They are two high-end LCD-LED televisions, the best of Sony for 2017-2018. They share several features like Android platform, VA panel, non-3D and flat screen. The panel is 100Hz with MotionFlow 1000, Trilumines, 4K resolution, HDR10, ...

Comparison XE9005 vs XE9305

The main difference is that the Sony XE9305 includes the new Sony X1 Extreme processor while the Sony XE9005 incorporates the X1. This means that the lower model is not compatible with Dolby Vision HDR.

Another great difference that affects image quality is the type of panel they mount, the XE9005 is DirectLED so the panel uniformity is better, while the XE9305 is EdgeLED (except the 75 "model).

Local Dimmming the top model works best because it controls more areas.

The model XE9005 is available from 49 inches and the audio power is 20W. The XE9305 from 55 and 60W.

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In sizes of 55 inches on the 1800 the XE9005 and 2200 the XE9305.


The design is similar, but the Edge LED is 2cm thinner than the DirectLED.


It is not clear that the XE9305 is a superior model, although for price and serial number it is. What stands out of the XE9305 is the new processor and more power of audio while in panel DirectLED of the XE9005 convince us more, so much for quality of image as for gamers is an excellent TV and that also is cheaper so it is a very good quality option-price 2018 (within the high range)

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