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Comparison Samsung QLED Q9 Q8 Q7

Samsung QLED televisions are the highest-end models of this brand for 2017 and first half of 2018. These are televisions designed to compete with OLED televisions of other brands since Samsung does not offer models with this technology. The Samsung QLED are LCD-LED VA.
These televisions share most of the technical specifications and characteristics of the high range, the panel is 10bits VA, excellent color reproduction for HDR and a contrast of the best in LCD-LED (lower to OLED). They are also compatible with 4K resolution, include dual tuner, OneConnect, good Smart Tizen, ...

Difference between Samsung Q9 vs Q8 vs Q7

The QLED Q9 model is the top of the three, also the most expensive. It is flat screen and has higher brightness level: QHDR2000. The contrast level also uses a technology theoretically better to the other two: Q Contrast Ultimate and Precision Black Ultimate. The PQI is something better but nothing significant. Panel lighting is lateral, upp and down.
The Q7 and Q8 are equal in brightness QHDR1500 and Precision Black Pro, the QContrasteUltimate contrast is alone in the Q8C. The illumination is from upp and down without side lighting.

The audio output power is 40W on the Q7 and 60W on the higher models.

The available screen size starts at 49in at Q7, 55in at Q8 and 65in at Q9. The curved display is available on Q7C and Q8C, while Q7F is flat, like the Q9F.

Are these better than the Samsung 2016: KS7000 KS9000 and KS9500?
We think that QLED 2017 TVs do not improve Samsung 2016 TVs. It may be that some technical specifications appear at a higher level, but in reality we do not recommend paying £800 more for a QLED. The new models improve the range of colors and a little viewing angle.

Recommended Price:
The price of the entire QLED 2017 series is high, at approximately 55/65 inches:
Samsung Q9F - / £4500
Samsung Q8C: £2800 / £3800
Samsung Q7F: £2500 / £3200

The biggest difference in general is the Curved / Flat panel type. The Q9F is truly superior thanks to its "more complete" illumination that allows greater brightness and better control of color and blacks even with HDR images. The price is excessive in our opinion and only available for those with no problems and budget. The models Q8 and Q7 do not present important differences, if you look for a new TV 2017 of 49 inches we think that the best TV is the Q7F. If you are looking for curved televisions this year are almost exclusive to Samsung. On the other hand we recommend you buy the Samsung 2016 TVs while they remain in sale.

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