Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Difference Samsung QLED Q7F vs. Q7C

These models are the same with the difference of curved / flat panel. Samsung's QLED TVs are introduced in 2017 to compete with the high-end brands, even with their OLED models that Samsung does not manufacture. This model is Smart, with VA panel and 4K resolution, compatible with HDR10 and 10-bit panel. It is a high-end model. Why buy a curved TV?

Differences between the Q7F vs Q7C

As we have already explained the difference lies in the curved or flat design.

According to the technical specifications of the official web the curved model has 3200Hz of PQI and the flat 3100Hz, an insignificant difference. In addition the Q7C has Autodepth which is a technology for curved screens. The curved model consumes a little more.

As you can see the differences are nonexistent, the only thing that sets them apart is the curved panel, which other brands have abandoned but Samsung continues to offer.

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