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Samsung 40D6100 Review

The 40D6100 is a television complete with a picture of very high quality.Incorporating features combined with its price make an excellent model UE40D6100 TV. The 3D is incorporating the best of today's market, if you want a higher quality 3D models we see Samsung D7000 or D8000 as above.
UE40D6100 has a fair price for a 40-inch LED, Full HD, 3D features but not Skype or web browser. According to the criteria we have chosen this model guiacompratv the best quality 40-inch model price-performance-2011. Anyway we recommend reviewing the 40D6500 model before deciding as it is still a Samsung LED D6000 family but Skype and browser features, the price is 120 € higher.

Technical Data / Specifications:
Inches: 40 ".
Resolution: FullHD (1920x1080)
CMR: 200Hz (100 Hz)
Dynamic Contrast / Brightness: Mega
3D: 3D Ready (glasses not included)
Other specifications:
  • 4xHDMI.
  • 3xUSB 2.0.
  • LAN: ethernet
  • 10Wx2 speakers.
See all specifications ( Here )

The UE40D6100 incorporates not need Wi-Fi wired Ethernet. This model features a full version of SmartTV, but without a Web browser open or Skype, but has access to dozens of applications. This is one of the main differences with the D6530 model that does have these features.
Samsung 200Hz sets a CMR but not real. What is really happening is that a rate of 100 Hz is working with tools backlight detection to provide the equivalent of 200Hz.If we want a higher CMR models we review the D7000 and D8000 series.

The TV is very thin and black, less than 3 cm deep, ideal for hanging on the wall or the transparent base. Accessed from the side or below many of the connections. With the stand the screen seems to be floating qu.
On-screen menus in UE40D6100 are excellent: clean, clear and with graphics and icons that make it very easy to use. Especially good is the Smart Hub: a presentation in a single window to access the vast resources of the TV.

The worst:
Everything discussed so far makes a TV 40D6100 brilliant, but now value their cons. Its Achilles heel is a dreaded phenomenon of backlighting. In very dark scenes you can see some fairly extensive areas where the screen looks a little brighter than it does elsewhere, be disguised with the configuration settings of the TV.
Sound has a right to quality audio on the TV, there is a lot of bass. Moreover we have already mentioned that 3D is not excellent, you may experience some slight interference.

Difference between Samsung D6100, D6510, D6530?
The difference between D6530 D6510 i is just the color of the frame, which we discuss here is silver. The family is Samsung D6100 does not have Skype or the possibility of adding a camera for video conferencing, Internet denial also is not free and does not include Wi-Fi. Besides Samsung 200Hz sets a CMR for D6100 and D6500 400Hz for (not real, see here the difference in CMR)

Conclusion (Verdict):
The Samsung UE40D6100 can produce images good enough for you to stay glued to the TV for hours. The design is spectacular and offers a decent 3D. Another important aspect is its price compared to other brands of the same level as Sony.However, we believe it is the best TV in the world due to their interference and backlight issues. To the best tv Guiacompratv 40-inch value of 2011.

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