Monday, January 2, 2012

Sony TV LED with GoogleTV for 2012

Sony and Google have for mid-late 2012 Google TV. Google TV is the television sets Android, an operating system that will allow Internet access through GoogleChrome, com on your PC and use applications such as smartphones. 

There are four models of Sony Google TV - 24 inches ($ 599), 32 inches ($ 799), 40 inches ($ 999) and 46 inches (1,399 dollars). All LED technology have less than 24-inch model.

Comments on Sony GoogleTV 

The software update becomes indispensable for the new televisions. The connection to Internet and GoogleTV system ensures that the software we will improve it should be clear which is the first model of "TV android" and significant improvements are expected in the near future. 

Dual View option allows us to watch TV while surfing the Internet. Minimizes the PIP image in a little at the bottom right, the truth is perhaps too small. Despite these problems will allow access on the Internet such comments from a movie when we see any statistics or while viewing a football match. 

Navigation is clear and the only difference with a PC is the keyboard command (for TV) and font size that is increasing in order to read clearly from a distance. 

In any case mentioned by Google Office options for TV, so we saved ourselves the time to work with Excel or Word in our LED TV. The TV is still a center of entertainment, not work. 

We mentioned the remote control. Here is one of the most important changes compared to what we had at home so far. The remote control includes a QWERTY keyboard and the back part touch "mouse" on top. 

It's a great command to browse the Internet, but when you want to use in a classic, it's really a bit cumbersome. To change the channel must pass one by one or use the QWERTY keyboard number, need to improve the controls of the Sony Google TV, this is one aspect in which they work all the major brands, as it not serve the classic controls browsing. 

Another aspect that strikes us is that Sony does not offer this model in larger (+55 ") and what are the reasons unknown. 

Finally mention a couple of negatives: 
  • Design: After UtraSlim models less than 3cm wide, these models vualven to fatten their appearance and really seems to take a step back in design.
  • Software: Turning the TV on a PC with an Internet connection means the TV, from time to time, will not work well or can be hung (such as mobile phones or PCs) so we get used to off and back on.
Review-tvled expect the release of these TVs for the year 2012 and offer our analysis of all the models go on sale. You can find all Sonyy TV's reviews 

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