Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Difference Samsung ES6800 ES6710 D6530 D6510

Samsung ES6800 series is presented by Samsung to replace last year's model  Samsung D6530  and on the other hand the  Samsung ES6710  will be responsible to replace the  Samsung D6510. The 6000 series is the midrange of Samsung, the cheapest 3D TV but not mean they are of low quality. In fact a TV are equally as good as the  Samsung ES7000  or  ES8000 what happens do not include camera functions such as Skype or exterior design. 
As for the technical aspects the only difference is that the Samsung 
ES8000 has adual core processor that allows multitasking,  ES6710  Samsung does not have this processor. 

Samsung ES6800

Samsung UE55ES6800

Samsung ES6710
The functions that include these new models ES6710 and ES6800, 2012 concerning D6530 and D6510 models:
Smart Interaction: motion control, control of voice and facial recognition.
Smart Content: Share photos, videos and notes from the TV to the cloud to smart devices to access educational content for children.
Smart Evolution: It will update every year the Samsung TV.

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