Wednesday, February 29, 2012

List of all TV-LED LG models for 2012

All models of LG for 2012

LS 4600 Series
Bloack LED HDTV, 1080p resolution, 3D Ready, Internet-capable rate,120Hz refresh, LED, Full HD, Black Finish

LS 5700 Series
Edge on 2D LED 1080p LCD 120 Hz refresh, smart TV withInternet browser and include the control wheel equipped LG Magic MotionRemote using the motion control (like a Wii Remote). The screen sizes are 42, 47, 55 and 60 inches

Edge-LED series on television with 3D Smart with the browser and the Magic Motion remote control with the wheel. Available in 42, 47, 55 and65-inch screen.

TVEdge Google G2 Series
LED TV HDTV with 3D, 120 Hz and QWERTYkeyboard remote with Google TV and six pairs of 3D glasses

LM6700 series

1 3D Cinema 1080p 120 Hz LCD HDTV LED soda, Smart TV. Screen sizes 42, 47 and 55 inches.
LG 42LM6700 

LM8600 series
LED 1080p 240Hz LCD refresh, Smart TV w / dual-core processor, the display style of cinema. Screen sizes 47 and 55 inches

LM9600 series
1080p LCD LED backlight with local dimming full, upgrade of 480 Hz (240 Hzplus scanning backlight) Smart TV w / dual-core processor, 3D style displayscreen cine.Tamaños 47, 55 and 84 inches
LG 84LM9600

 LG 2011

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