Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Samsung SmartTV: Best Smart TV's 2012

Samsung SmartTV represent better than any other brand what is SmartTV. SmartTV allows interaction with voice commands, face recognition and motion control and other features. With the intelligent evolution, Samsung lets you install a kit "Samsung Evolution" every year to upgrade the hardware, firmware, software and interface. The TV will not be obsolete without having to buy a new one.
Intelligent interaction
The Samsung Smart TV to interact with the TV in a new and intuitive using voice and movement, and facial recognition technology.
The smart TV to control functions such as turning on / off the TV, change channels, access to applications and surf the web using simple voice commands and movements.

Intelligent Content
SmartTV gives intelligent access to the Hub simplified and updated with some content, applications, web browsing and more, and some 3D content.Been simplified and optimized at the main menu to navigate the TV is very intuitive.

Intelligent Evolution
A unique idea, at least for now. Samsung to update your TV each year, including the hardware. Simply connect the Samsung Evolution kit and transform your TV into a new TV.

SmartTV SpecificationsThese TVs offers 960Hz Clear Motion Rate a very smooth motion, so you can enjoy fast moving images such as sports or action movies. Includes 3D technology Full HD 1080p. Ultimate Micro Dimming technology enhances contrast, color and sharpness.

Not all models of Samsung SmartTV incorporate all the features. Depending on the model have different technologies and functions.
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Samsung SmartTV  are the  best LED TV for 2012. Samsung has long has been a top brands, but it is estimated that currently one out of three TV's sold ara a Samsung TV.

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