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What is the best 3D TV LED?

What 3D LED TV to buy in 2012?  What 3D LED TV is best? What brand present the best TV LED 3D? Which LED TV with 3D technology is best? 

We  recommend  you  which  LED TV  buy  if you want a TV with 3D technology: 
If you want decide that 3D is better you shouldn't only look at the 3D technology used by each TV, you must review the set of processor, CMR, light, ... Below we outlined the key characteristics of each brand of 3D. 
Samsung 3D:
It is the first major brand to include 3D technology in the most of their models. Samsung incorporated this technology a few years ago, the experience makes it a great option for 2012. 3D LED EDGE technology will delight lovers 1080p 3D cinema. 
To enjoy this technology we recommend   ES7000 and  ES8000 models, this technology combined with a dual-core processor and a high CMR prevent enjoyment of the 3D images. 
The Samsung series with 3D technology: 
ES6000:  ES6100,  ES6710ES6800
ES7000:  ES7000
ES8000: ES8000

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LG 3D:
LG continues in its intention to make the best 3D LED TV, LG has launched its latest technology 3D Cinema with a system "Flicker Free". "Flicker Free"  uses a thin polarizing film on the screen (uses its in the Cinema 3D glasses). The TV also has an 3D Light Boost, which ensures enjoy brighter images, and promises to offer a wider viewing angle in 3D. For the professionals, LG has as of today (2012) the best 3D in world. So if you want to enjoy the best 3D,  "LG Cinema 3D " is the better choose. 

LG LED TV for 2012 include this technology in almost all models. We recommend a mid-range model LG  LM6700 . Please check our List of all models  LG TV LED for 2012
The best 3D TV by LG for 2012 is  LM9600

Panasonic 3D:
Panasonic offers this year 2012 for the first time a good range of LED TV. Almost all models include the 3D technology. 
The IPS Alpha panel is used for 3D. The Panasonic 3D technology has doubled their speed. In addition, a high-speed transmission and original new development increases the speed of the drive to achieve maximum 3D image quality LCD and a minimum of interference, which delivers clear images in 3D and to comfortable viewing. Panasonic, like Samsung, uses a active 3D  and the official sources says that it is fighting for the standardization of glasses to facilitate compatibility between equipment from different brands.
The 3D Panasonic models:
DT50 ,  WT50  , ET50, E50
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Sony 3D:
Sony has introduced this year as a major innovation in its high-end LED TV technology X-Reality Engine ™ PRO 3D Super Resolution. This technology developed by Sony offers 3D images in full HD without "ghosting" or "ghosting", minimizing flicker. Brightness is excellent even with fairly light (recommend turning off the lights to enjoy 3D). The viewing angle has been improved and new glasses have a structure closed to keep out light.  

Models that include X-Reality Engine ™ PRO 3D Super Resolution: 40HX85046HX85055HX850 
The other models with 3D technology Motionflow ™ XR 480: 32HX75040HX75046HX75055HX750.

We recommend for enjoy with 3D TV  buy a high end model. The 3D technology is different between ES6000 and ES8000 models, the price also quite different.
We don't recommend choosing a economic TV if you enjoy the 3D quality, the medium-end models offer  3D as an extra, not as one of its strengths. We must also decide between Passive and Active tech, in our case recommend Samsung vs LG. 

Both models offer high quality 3D in their high-end, the ES8000 Samsung looks great up close and from afar, using a 3D active. The LG Cinema 3D is available in almost all models of Samsung LG unlike if only offers better 3D model above. If you want enjoy the best of 2012 passive 3D you should review LM8600 and  LM9600 models . LG LED TVs include 6 glasses while Samsung offers 2 if you want to buy more glasses spend about  ‎£50-100 per pack of 2 active glasses.

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