Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What TV LED to buy without 3D for 2012?

What TV without 3D you recommend? Buy  LED TV without 3D during 2012? What is the best free 3D LED TV?

Recent studies show that only 14% of those who want to buy a TV, consider it a priority that contains the 3D technology. The 68% of shoppers said that the main reason for not buy a 3D TV is that they need to wear glasses.
We present the best model of each brand without 3D technology. Do not forget to check our posts on the model and comment if you want any advice to buy.
Then we recommend a model of every great brand without 3D technology:

LG LED TV without 3D
The top model without 3D technology LG is the LS570s, this TV is available in 32, 37 and 42 inches. As we highlight key features: CMR 120 Hz, Smart TV with Internet browser, Magic Motion, Full HD
  • LG 42LS570s
  • LG 47LS570s
  • LG 55LS570s
  • LG 60LS570s
  • LG 42LS570t
  • LG 47LS570t
  • LG 55LS570t
  • LG 60LS570t

Samsung LED TV SmartTV without 3D
The upper series of Samsung LED TVs without 3D technology is the ES5000 series. In this series we find different models with different exterior designs but very similar in terms of technical features.
  • Samsung 32ES5700
  • Samsung 40ES5700
  • Samsung 46ES5700
  • Samsung 55ES5700
  • Samsung 32ES5500  
  • Samsung 37ES5500
  • Samsung 40ES5500
  • Samsung 46ES5500
You can check our post about Difference between ES5500, ES5700, ES5800

Sony Bravia LED TV without 3D
Sony TV models without 3D LED 2012. The series that is closer to the higher levels (if included 3D) is the range EX600.

  • Sony KDL-40EX650
  • Sony KDL-46EX650
  • Sony KDL-55EX650

Panasonic Viera TV without 3D LED:
The company offers 5 ranges Panasonic LED TV 2012. WT50 , DT50 , ET5, E50 and E5. The E50 and E5 series include 3D technology. 
  • Panasonic 47 LED L32E50
  • Panasonic 47 LED L37E50
  • Panasonic 55 LED L42E50
  • Panasonic 47 LED L47E50
  • Panasonic 47 LED L32ET5
  • Panasonic 55 LED L37ET5
  • Panasonic 47 LED L42ET5
  • Panasonic 47 LED L47ET5
  • Panasonic 55 LED L55ET5

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