Friday, September 14, 2012

Philips 42PFL6007: Wi-Fi, Dual-Core, Micro Dimming, .. UK 2012

The Philips 42PFL6007 LED TV is a 42-inch screen. This model includes 3D technology and Smart TV. It is the mid-range TV Philips 2012. As a technical specs highlights: Dual Core,  Pixel Precise HD, 400Hz PMR (CMR of Samsung), 3D Easy Clarity 700, .... Connectivity is excellent as all Philips models with 3x USB, 4x HDMI, Wi-Fi, ...

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Technical / Specifications:
Technology: Micro Dimming,  Pixel Plus HD
Inches: 42"
3D: 3D Easy Clarity 700
Resolution: FullHD
CMR: 400 Hz (PMR)
Processor: Dual core
Other specifications:

  • 4xHDMI.
  • 3xUSB 2.0.
  • SmartTV
  • Wi-Fi
  • Web Browser
  • 2D to 3D conversor
The PFL6007 model is different from other Philips designs. The depth is 3cm and it looks elegantly and simple. The stand is like to a big computer monitor.

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Difference between Philips PFL7007 and PFL6007?
The differences between these two models are the PMR: The PFL7007 have 800Hz and 400Hz PFL6007. Furthermore, the PFL7007 includes 40W speakers and a HDMI port more.

Conclusion (Verdict):
It is a mid-range LED TV Philips for 2012. This model includes the same 3D technology that high-end models, the 3D Max Clarity 700. 
In terms of technical features can be compared with the high gamma models with Micro Dimming, Dual-Core processor, ...
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