tv and hdtv glossary led tv

Meaning of TV numbers and letters

Meaning of the technical specifications of televisions

Below we explain the simple way that these Acronyms mean. The technical features like Full HD, 4K, HDMI, HDR, ... We recommend you visit the TV Buying Guide before buying a TV.

What does Full HD, Ultra HD and 4K mean?

These specifications define the resolution of our TV. The resolution difference allows for better image quality, with more pixels on the screen we get higher resolution. We recommend buying UltraHD / 4K models that are the same. Currently almost all TVs are 4K although there are few content available. More info: FullHD vs UltraHD

What is SmartTV?

The concept of Smart TV is the current fashion. Everything is Smart (intelligent) and televisions have taken a step forward with the issue. This aforementioned smart TV allows connection to the Internet, with all that that entails. Applications, videos, surf the Internet, .... We recommend you read our comparative on the best Smart TV system

What is the DVB-T/T2/C/S in LED TV?

DVB (Digital Video Brodcasting) is our TV tuner . View more info in Wikipedia:
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What are Hertz or Refresh Rate on a TV LED?

The Hertz often misleading, as each brand announces Hz differently. The image refresh visualize influences as fast moving images such as football games or action movies. Using software televisions artificially increase the soda and the value they advertise. PQI, PMR, MCI, ... to buy models from different brands we find qual is the actual refresh rate.
More information and advice about HZ in a LED TV

Panel IPS vs Panel VA

The technology used in the panel of our television is very important for the quality / characteristics of the image. There are two major types of panels: the VAs and the IPS panels. According to the brand choose one technology or another. You can see the differences between VA vs IPS panels.


The difference between these technologies is important, most televisions are LCD-LED, although there are increasingly high-end OLED models, very expensive. More info: QLED vs OLED vs LCD-LED

What means 24p?
24p announce TVs that refer to "Real Cinema" of 24 frames per second, just like in the movies. Keep in mind that to enjoy this feature must support the LED TV and the reproductive system that we use, whether DVD, Blu-Ray or game console.
More about 24p

One of the most noticeable aspects when we see an LED TV in a store. It's called contrast to the difference between the blackest black and the whitest white that is capable of displaying our TV.

Brightness is another area that we see as "quality" image. Especially noticeable if the screen is very bright externally If there is a bright room and the brightness is low not seen virtually nothing. This value is total brightness regular LED TVs but the maximum value should be high enough to see the TV without problems although there is much light.

What means PIP (Picture In Picture) on TV?
The PIP means to put two different pictures on the screen with two different channels.
If you are interested in this feature, you must have something in mind:
Your TV may have one or two tuners, the latter being the most recommended to fully enjoy PIP, because on one side we see the main issue, and thanks to the second tuner, other programming visualize different in a small window.
If you use an external tuner such as a cable TV receiver or satellite, we can see only one program at a time. If some of the channels are not encrypted, you can see these in the second window, and you can usually see other sources such as DVD or Blu-Ray as well. But even with two-tuner PIP, a receiver only cable or satellite TV will not see two scrambled channels simultaneously unless the receiver itself has two exits PIP.
More about PIP

What is HDMI?
Is cable connector imperative of the moment. All televisions must have this port and the more the merrier. The computer, video game console or DVD are connected to these inputs. It also passes the sound through HDMI so you see and hear in HD on our TV with a single connector sends the image (with resolutions up to Full HD) and sound for up to 7.1.

Just send picture with resolutions that allow the source device, even above the values ​​of FULL-HD. Useful because many PCs do not have HDMI port so we can connect our "old laptop" to LED TV

Optical / SPDIF
Connector only transfers the audio signal in high definition digital format for music players using the TV speakers. really recommended if you have a decent stereo.

The standard called DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) is a way to connect devices wirelessly through the same WiFi network and access the multimedia content from any computer, ie, from the TV to enjoy videos, music, images, ... you have on your PC wirelessly and crappy connections. TV has this connection allows connecting a home (shared folders) computers (laptop, PC) to the TV via the router. This creates a wireless network whenever a PC is connected from the TV can access your files and folders and play music or movies without any physical connection.
From guiacompratv recommend as the best solution for those who do not have a HTCPC series or movies and see on a daily basis as it allows a chapter download and watch directly on your TV without any physical connection.
More about DLNA

What are OLED screens?
Stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode (Organic Light Emitting Diode), a new technology that represents the near future of the LED TV. In 2013 will be available at least 2 models: ES9500 Samsung and LG EM9600.
It really is a superior technology, but it is expensive. For years, major companies try to reduce costs to sell OLED TV. It seems that the way is this even par OLED TV purchase we toil away in 2013 no less than 5000 €.
These new displays offer a superior picture and did not exceed 5mm thickness.

What is the difference between 3D and Full 3D Ready?
The 3D LED TVs are televisions that can provide 3D images. The 3D Ready LED TV means that the price does not include glasses to watch 3D TV. Furthermore the Full 3D TV LED indicates that includes at least a pair of glasses.
More about 3D


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