Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Differences Samsung ES6800 vs Sony HX750

What is your counsel in LED TV for 2012? The Samsung ES6800/6900 or Sony HX750? Differences, pros and cons.

These models can be considered equivalent because they has the same price. You can review the main aspects of both models or visit our posts of these LED TV models.
  • Sony HX753: Full HD 1080p in 2D and 3D, X-Reality Engine, Dynamic Edge LED backlighting, Frame Dimming, Sony Entertainment Network, built-in Wi-Fi, 240Hz Motionflow XR Enhanced with 480, ...
  • Samsung ES6800: HD TV 1080p, Dual Core processor, CMR 400Hz, Micro Dimming, 3D HyperReal Engine, 2D/3D converter, SmartTV, web browser, HDMI (x3), USB (x3), integrated Wi-Fi, 4.7 cm depth ...
The SONY LED TV model is a high-end model, but it isn't the best. The picture quality is good but Sony hasn't improved the LED TV for 2011, these are the same TV with some improvement in terms of extras and little else.
The Samsung LED TV model is the top model of the ES6000 series. We recommend this LED TV because, being the mid-range of Samsung for 2012,  it offers a very good image quality.

As for the differences between the two models, the Sony wins with 200Hz refresh rate while the Samsung has 100Hz real. The refresh rate indicates that images with fast moviminetos will be better in the Sony HX753 TV. The ES6800 has a higher contrast to Sony, and it is better equipped: Dual-Core, USB top, glasses included, ...
As for reflection and viewing angle both models are very similar, so we can declare a tie between these two models.

The best way for a good choise is that you go to a shop, you see the LED TV and decide which you like better. Always remember that the design is not diminished because we choose the LED TV that will decorate our livingroom for several years (or so we hope).

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