Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What should I do to take care of my LED TV?

The LED TVs are already in all stores and increasingly in homes, but ..What should I do to take care of my LED TV? We point some important aspects that we consider to extend the life and quality of our new LED TV.

Temperature: Perhaps it is the first aspect to consider, along with moisture. Our LED TV shouldn't be in places with high or low temperatures (especially if wet). That means it is better to place it on a wall than on a glass window. You should put the LED TV away of the radiators. The most important brands advise that the operating temperature is between 10 and 40 ° C. Outside this range may cause malfunctions of the LED TV. Ideally 20-25 degrees.

Humidity: The humidity and liquids are the biggest enemy of all electronic Gadgets. This aspect is dificult to control, because anybody knows wich is the humidity, in%, of their home. You don't go crazy, only a little common sense is enough. The humidity recommended by manufacturers is between 10 and 85%.

Lighting: it isn't advisable the direct sun light for long time, can also influence the temperature and reflects.

Still images: we must avoid leaving still images on our LED TV more than 2 hours. The advice if we want to use the TV as a PC monitor you should lower the brightness, minimize the possible effects of burning, and activate the screen saver of your computer. The LED TVs don't suffer from "screen burn" both as plasmas, you can program the TV to turn off automatically when we don't use the computer.

Cleaning: the screen is perhaps one of the most delicate parts of our LED TV. That's why you should clean it periodically, you don't let it accumulate dust or stains. If not cleaned periodically, the cleaning will be more aggressive. Always use specific cleaning products.

We can improve care for our LED TV with other things: include voltage regulators that regulate voltage overshoot and especially be careful with the controls of Wii and PSMotion. We strongly recommend tying motion controls to the hands of your children. Then and finally an example that should not be done with a LED TV if you want to keep it properly.

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