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Which LED TV buy Christmas 2012? Recommendations


There are a lot TVs with LED technology, here are some of our recommendations for buying a LED TV this Christmas 2012 (December-January 2012).
If you aren't sure what type of TV you want, we recommend to read our guide to buying LED TV.
You can also learn more about what specifications search an LED TV and what they mean.

37-40-42 inch TV Christmas 2012:
Not all brands manufactured in all sizes. We always recommend that bigger is better, even give up quality for more inches.
With SmartTV Without 3D.
LG LS575T/LS570T:
A good TV without 3D SmartTV, very good connectivity and good image quality. Ideal for those who make regular use of TV. This model price  is about 530 € for 42 inches and 480€ for 37 inches. We can see the price difference is minimal for 5 "more.
You can find more LED TV without 3D in our list.

With SmartTV and 3D:
Samsung ES6300:
One of the best-selling LED TV offers active 3D, SmartTV, good picture quality with vivid colors. This model is the 3D LED TV cheaper that we recommended.
More LED TV with 3D technology.

Low cost Christmas 2012:
A good choice if you want to buy a large LED TV yet economical series of Samsung EH can be a very good option. TVs actually offer a good price, but with a slightly inferior technology to the ES.
Samsung 32EH5300:This TV includes SmartTV and 3D. We can find it in different screen sizes and is our recommendation for a cheap LED TV.

  • 32 inches by 350 €
  • 37 inches by 450 €
  • 40 inches by 500 €
  • 46 inches by 600 €

There is another model that we can assess whether if we want a big TV, the EH6000 is 60 inches for 1250 €. A really huge screen without 3D TV or internet.
More Cheap LED TVs 2012

Best Value LED TV in December 2012:
If you want a high end LED TV can advise:
LG LM760T/LM765T:
Not the best model of LG LED TV but gives very good results. With real refresh rate 200Hz, fast, nice, good passive 3D, SmartTV, ... Ideal for a family, watch HD movies, playing video games, ...

  • 42 inches by 1000 €
  • 47 inches by 1200 €
  • 55 inches for 1500 €

Samsung ES6800/ES6900:
Both models are similar. They offer a good active 3D, the best SmartTV, MicroDimming, ... A TV with a stunning design, vivid colors, high image quality.

  • 42 inches by 800 €
  • 47 inches by 1000 €
  • 55 inches for 1500 €
The best LED TV Christmas 2012:
If you want to buy the best of the best we recommend:
Difference between Samsung ES8000 vs Sony HX853
Without giving up the latest models with huge screens. If you really want the best LED TV sets the pocket because for us is the best LED TV is  the Samsung ES9000 75 ". You can buy it for about 7000 €, is really impressive.

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