Thursday, March 28, 2013

Differences between LG LA660V and LA690V

The LA660V and LA690V LG models are virtually identical. The difference we have found is only in terms of design. While the LM660V incorporates a new base design, the LA690V model has the same pedestal as last year. LA660V model is more depth. Actually the only reason to choose one or another model is to see which we like better aesthetically.

The shared specs:

  • Edge LED with Local Dimming (IPS)
  • MCI: 400Hz (100Hz)
  • Dual-Core Processor
  • Tuners DVB-T/-C/-S
  • 3D passive with glasses included x4 and 2D/3D conversion 
  • SmartTV, Wi-Fi and browser with flash
  • 3x HDMI and 3x USB
  • Dual Dual-Play with 2x Glasses included

(waiting to see if both models include USB HDD Recorder 1.25 GB)

You can see our analysis of these models:

LG LA660V and LA690V ( /de)

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