Friday, April 19, 2013

Differences between Samsung F4500 and F4000

The differences between these two models are quite important. The main difference, we might say, is that the model F4500 is a SmartTV with integrated Wi-Fi and the F4000 haven't the ability to connect to the internet. Also noteworthy is the differences in design specs, the F4500 model incorporates the new design of Samsung's 2013 stand. Another difference is that the F4500 model includes more connections: 3xHDMI and 2xUSB and the F4000 model only: 2xHDMI and 1x USB.

The common features are: HD Ready, according to the official website of Samsung. The CMR of the two models is also equal to 100Hz and the larger screen size is 32, the maximum recommended for non-FullHD TV. We hope that the price is very similar, so we recommend buying the model F4500.

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