Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What is the best LED TV without 3D 2014?

We make a list with some of the best 2014 LED TV without 3D. Most users don't want a LED TV with 3D technology, at least until it works without glasses, and other users who have a 3D TV used it rarely or never, for lack of content.

It should be clear that all high-end LED TV  include 3D, so if you want a very good LED TV you must buy  a 3D TV, which is not a problem you can watch your TV only in 2D.

What is the best LED TV without 3D first Half 2014? We will try to make the list of the best free 3D models of each brand.

Philips presents this year her best LED TV without 3D: The Philips PFL4208, this model has a good image quality with a frequency of 100Hz (200Hz PMR) and Microdimming. The SmartTV is rather poor although it has Wi-Fi and browser.

The best Samsung LED TV without 3D for this 2013 are the F5000 series. For example, the Samsung F5300 or F5700. These models have good contrast and frequency of 50Hz (100Hz CMR). The SmartTV is considered one of the best in its applications, with Wi-Fi, browser and Dual-Core processor.

The best LED TV without 3D LG 2013 are the LN5000 series. The best model of this series is the LG LN575V, this is one of the most recommended free 3D models. The panel provides 50Hz (MCI 100Hz) a very good level of brightness and one of the largest viewing angles. The LG SmartTV is next to one of the best, and browser compatibility are good. Samsung presents another LED TV without 3D, the Samsung F6200.

Sony repeats its model year 2012 with his best LED TV without 3D 2013: the Sony W653A. The picture quality is OK for a model in its class. Samsung loses contrast and SmartTV system slouch although it includes improved browser and compatibility. Most poor connectors with only 2xHDMI and 1xUSB. The price of these Sony models are considerably higher than in the other brands mentioned.

The best  LED TV without 3D by Panasonic is the Panasonic Viera E6. This model has good picture quality and wide viewing angle thanks to its IPS panel. A good and nice LED TV but his SmartTV is less than those of Samsung and LG. The finishes are not like those of the higher-end series, we believe that Panasonic makes very good TV LED very high end models but low-medium range LG and Samsung are one step ahead.

List with links to our comments on the best LED TV without 3D 2013/2014: (approximate prices for sizes between 40-42 inches)
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