Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Recommendation: Best 46-47 inch LED TV for less than £1000

What is the best 46-47 inch LED TV for less than £1000? In this post we try to advise that it is better to buy a LED TV 46 inches with a maximum budget of 1000£. By the end of 2013 and first half of 2014 we suggest different models of TVs 46 inches, with a budget between £800 and £1000, we can find very good TVs but not the best TVs, which cost about  £1100-1500.

We recommend reviewing our TV buying guide before deciding on an LED TV.
Our selection of the best LED TV 46in for £1000 is Samsung F6800, Philips PFL7008, LG LA740V, Sony W805A and Panasonic FT60.

The prices are guide for online shopping stores like Amazon.co.uk

Samsung F6800:
The second best Samsung LED TV is the F7000 but budget is greater than £1000. This is what Samsung has better contrast and better SmartTV available (with LG). They are available in 46-inch, the 3D is active.

Sony W805A:
It is the most expensive, the price is £830 in 47 inches. It is the most recommended model for "gamer" has the lowest inputlag though suffers a bit with black. The SmartTV is good but could be better. The 3D is passive.

This model has many Hz, ideal for watching sports or fast moving images such as action movies. Like the Sony suffers a bit darker scenes, especially if the room is in darkness. The screen is 47 inches and the price is arround  £1000. The 3D is passive and is quite acceptable.

Among the models with passive 3D is the best contrast achieved almost like Samsung. The model is 47 inches, but the SmartTV is poor and menus are quite slow.

LG SmartTV provides a very good addition this model is packed with extras. The 3D is passive with IPS panel, as most suffer a little with dark images. The input-lag is high, this TV is discouraged for gamers.

You can visit our reviews of each of these models. Anyway ranking conducted show the best 46-47 inch LED TV for less than £1000 to 2013/2014.

Rating according value for money:
  • Samsung F6800: 8.5
  • Philips PFL7008: 8
  • LG LA740V: 7.5
  • Sony W805A: 7
  • Panasonic FT60: 7
The answer to which is the best 46 LED TV for less than  £1000 seems to be the Samsung F6800, cheap does earn points, but the 3D is active and can be annoying to some users. Sony W805A recommend if you are very gamer because it has a very low inputlag. If you want the best picture possible with passive 3D but our advice is the Philips PFL7008, although its SmartTV is less. The LG LA740V has the best SmartTV, with passive 3D. The FT60 isn't recommended, we think the price is above its value, like most Panasonic LED TV 2013 models.

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