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The Best LED TV 2014: Comparative Sony W905, Samsung F8000, LG LA860W, Panasonic WT65 and Philips PFL8008

We recommend the best LED TV 2013. What is the best LED TV 2013? The answer depends mainly uses the TV to give you and the environment to place it. We recommend to check our buying guide LED TV.

In this post we will compare the best LED TV of each brand in 2013, which are on sale during 2014, we added scores are not absolute, but we scored only between these models.
When is the best time to buy a LED TV?

The models that we propose are: the Samsung F8000, LG LA860W, WT65 Panasonic, Philips PFL8008 and Sony W905A. We have ignored the new 4K TVs, as we believe that they are still far from reaching an acceptable price.

2D picture quality:
Perhaps the most important factor in our LED TV, the image quality may depend on personal taste. Deeper blacks (VA panels) or more natural colors and wider viewing angle (IPS). All these models have very good picture, but the VA models have the best image in the highest category of LED TV, offering deeper blacks. As for Hz, all panels are 200Hz .
  • The Panasonic WT65 (score 8): It has some problems with very dark scenes, although it has a wide viewing angle thanks to its IPS panel.
  • The Philips PFL8008 (score 9): It offers excellent black level response without compromising too much their brightness.
  • The LG LA860W (score 7): The bright images look great , but the blacks are very poor. The Local Dimming doesn't work very well.
  • The Samsung F8000 (score 10): It has an exceptional picture quality in 2D. The sharpness of detail is excellent inluso in fast moving images. The contrast are excellent, but you need to calibrate the brightness of the room.
  • The Sony W905A (score 10): The picture is amazing, this model of Sony stops aside the IPS panel and passed to VA, which loses some viewing angle in exchange for an exceptional image quality.
The SmartTV is the novelty that is here to stay in every TV. The internet conexion lets you surf for the Internet and use applications and a lot more things.
  • The Panasonic WT65 (score 8) : Web browser with flash. The Smart Viera has good menu, easy to use although the browser is a bit slow at times.
  • The Philips PFL8008 (score 6): Web browser without Flash. The lack of available applications is a big mistake, a SmartTV that has a long way to walk.
  • The LG LA860W (score 9): Web browser with flash. Many applications, very tidy. One of the best Smart TV 2013.
  • The Samsung F8000 (score 10): Web browser with flash. Best SmartTV 2013 which has more apps available .
  • The Sony W905A (score 7): Web browser without flash. Sony has improved the speed of the menus and it has many applications but the browser without flash makes it a poor Smart TV.
For gaming:
The first thing that we should look to choose which is the best LED TV to play is the image quality and input lag.
  • The Panasonic WT65 (score 4): It has much input lag. The WT65 isn't advisable if you want the TV for gaming, about 60ms.
  • The Philips PFL8008 (score 4): PFL8008 has the same problem that Panasonic, its inputlag is similar, about 60ms, not advisable for "gamers".
  • The LG LA860W (score 6): The inputlag is also high, not as much as the previous two models, but too much for the "gamers"
  • The Samsung F8000 (note 8): Has an acceptable inputlag less 40ms, but is far from a Sony TV you should be able to the game normally.
  • The Sony W905A (note 10): This the best LED TV for gaming. In "game mode" the input-lag values ​​are less than 10ms. This TV is for true "gamer".
You can read our post with the best LED TV for gaming 2013.

In this aspect there is a clear difference between two groups, the LED TV with Active vs Passive 3D. In the low-end models we recommend 3D passive, the glasses are also more comfortable and cheaper, but in the top models the Active 3D wins.
  • The Panasonic WT65 (score 9): Passive 3D. Surely the best passive 3D 2013 although the resolution is somewhat lower than other active models.
  • The Philips PFL8008 (score 9): Active 3D. This Philips model that helps solve the slight darkness of active systems and provides excellent 3D, but loses some its deep blacks.
  • The LG LA860W (score 8): Passive 3D. It has a natural picture: nice and quite bright. It lost the details because its lower resolution.
  • The Samsung F8000 (score 10): Active 3D. The details, even with moving images, are exceptional, it has high contrast without obscuring the image .
  • The Sony W905A (score 9): Active 3D. It is the only model with active 3D by Sony 2013. It really gets excellent contrast , you may see a slight crosstalk .
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Audio: Sound quality
All LED TV experience in this regard, the extremely thin designs impairs the quality of sound.
  • The Panasonic WT65 (score 7): Speakers + Woofer 18W. Acceptable to watch TV and little else.
  • The Philips PFL8008 (score 8): 30 W (2 x 15 W) Powerful and serious quite acceptable, especially if the volume is not very high.
  • The LG LA860W (score 8): Well balanced sound. If the volume is high enough suffer serious distortion.
  • The Samsung F8000 (score 8): 40 W (10 W x 2 Woofer 10 W x 2). It includes two woofers in the rear of the TV.
  • The Sony W905A (score 9): 10 W + 10 W. The sound goes directly toward the viewer. Good bass without distortion.
The price depends on the size of the TV, you can check out our Buying Guide to choose the right size screen. Listed below costs approximately for 46-47 inch models in online stores.
  • The Panasonic WT65 - £1,600
  • The Philips PFL8008 £1,300
  • The LG LA860W - £1,150
  • The Samsung F8000 - £1,360
  • The Sony W905A - £1,300
Value for Price:
After analyzing the most important aspects of these models and learn about price, these models cost value or more value than they cost.
  • The Panasonic WT65 (score 6): this is the more expensive model, while it isn't the best in any aspect. A television where her price is far above their value.
  • The Philips PFL8008 (score 8): Good audio, good picture 2D and 3D and the lowest of all models. Despite failing in its SmartTV and with its input lag, this is a very good choice.
  • The LG LA860W (score 6): It has the worst 2D image, despite its lower price it doesn't the best choice and we can buy a lower model than the LG LA860W with better image quality.
  • The Samsung F8000 (score 9.5): The Best TV LED as 2D and 3D image and the best SmartTV. Only its price prevents this LED TV had the 10 points of score, but if you want the best LED TV 2013 you should to have to scratch your pocket.
  • The Sony W905A (score 9): The score is 10 for "gamers". If you play games with the TV,  it's clearly your TV.
There are other factors that we will not specify, for example the design: all models looks fantastic in their own way. Remote controls, tuners, speed channel change, ... For any questions you can leave a comment and we will try guide you.

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