Thursday, March 27, 2014

List of LG LED TV 2014 models (line-up)

The 2014 LED TVs LG are separated into two large families, the UHD / OLED and LED TV FullHD. The EC9800 Series are OLED, UB8500 UHD and LBxxx FullHD. You can visit our post with what means the names of the LED TV from LG. During 2014 are in sale 2013 models too, which can be a good choise to save some money. You can also read our post with when is best time to buy a LED TV?
We recommend buying 2013 models during the first half of 2014.
(It remains to confirm which models will be on sale in the UK and what its name is aware why we will update this post when we have the information) 

Newest LG 2014: 
The newest LG 2014 is its WebOS system, a system for controlling the TV intelligence enables "multitasking" and better overall performance of SmartTV. Not all 2014 models include the new WebOS.

LG UB980V LG UB980V review
  • LG 49UB980V
  • LG 55UB980V
LG UB950V LG UB950V review
  • LG 49UB950V 
  • LG 55UB950V
LG UB850V LG UB850V review
  • LG 49UB850V
  • LG 55UB850V
LG EC9800
  • LG 55EC9800
  • LG 65EC9800
  • LG 77EC9800
MCI 1000Hz, MCI 3D passive, webcam, Magic Remote, Smart TV, Wi-Fi, browser HTML5, ...
  • LG 49LB870V
  • LG 55LB870V
  • LG 60LB870V
  • LG 42LB731V
  • LG 47LB731V
  • LG 55LB731V
  • LG 60LB731V
  • LG 42LB730V
  • LG 47LB730V
  • LG 55LB730V
  • LG 60LB730V
  • LG 65LB730V
  • LG 42LB700V
  • LG 47LB700V
  • LG 55LB700V
  • LG 60LB700V
LG LB670V LG LB670V review
  • LG 42LB670V
  • LG 47LB670V
  • LG 50LB670V
  • LG 55LB670V
LG LB650V LG LB650V review

  • LG 32LB650V
  • LG 39LB650V
  • LG 42LB650V
  • LG 47LB650V
  • LG 50LB650V
  • LG 55LB650V
  • LG 60LB650V
  • LG 70LB650V* different desing
LG LB630V LG LB630V review
  • LG 42LB630V
  • LG 47LB630V
  • LG 55LB630V
LG LB620V: LG LB620V review
  • LG 42LB620V
  • LG 49LB620V
  • LG 55LB620V
LG LB580V: LG LB580V review
  • LG 32LB580V
  • LG 39LB580V
  • LG 42LB580V
  • LG 47LB580V
  • LG 50LB580V
  • LG 55LB580V
  • LG 60LB580V
LG LB570V: LG LB570V review
  • LG 42LB570V
LG LB561V: LG LB561V review
  • LG 32LB561V
  • LG 39LB561V
  • LG 42LB561V
  • LG 47LB561V
  • LG 50LB561V
  • LG 55LB561V
  • LG 60LB561V
LG LB550V LG LB550V review
  • LG 32LB550V
  • LG 42LB550V
  • LG 49LB550V
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